Gespickt mit einzigartigen Persönlichkeiten, liebevollen Menschen und geballter Kompetenz. Hier ist jede Expertise vertreten: Ob Führung, Produktmanagement, Marketing, Business Coaching, Grafik, Text, Content, Event – jeder Bereich ist hochkarätig besetzt.
Über die letzten Jahre hat sich hier eine Gruppe von Menschen zusammengefunden, die gemeinsam an einem Strang ziehen. Die gemeinsam die Welt nicht nur verändern, sondern besser machen wollen. Jeder hier darf sein, wer er ist. Soll so bleiben. Und sich sowohl persönlich, als auch mit GEDANKENtanken weiterentwickeln. Zusammenhalt: 100%. Leistung: 100%. Spaß: 100%. Wir sagen es und nehmen es auch nicht wieder zurück: GEDANKENtanken hat das geilste Team der Welt! Lern es hier kennen...


Alexander Müller
CEO & Owner

Alex has been running the company since 2014 with great passion. He has the ambition to develop the potential behind GEDANKENtanken’s idea as much as possible. He loves to build world-class teams, to develop new products with the teams and to continuously develop the corporate culture.

Passions: His family, Scaling Up, personal development and Schalke 04.

Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich
Founder & Company Owner

The initiator and founder of GEDANKENtanken needs no introduction - in one word: He is a content-machine! Stefan gives lectures, writes and publishes books and gives seminars all at once, apparently.

Preferences: His mobile home and his dog Dexter.


As COO, Manuel is responsible for all operations at GEDANKENtanken and has a firm grip on sales numbers and strategy execution. In addition to that, he is always available for a really good joke and shows his empathetic abilities when his help is needed.

Preferences: Plant-based food or not.

Stefan, CFA

Develop an actionable insights-generating FINteam, which consists of the departmens Accounting and Business Intelligence/ Analytics.

Fun Fact: My turtle is 45 years old.


I support the tech teams that make our product vision reality. I believe in autonomous cross-functional teams that take on a lot of responsibility and truly own their product.

Fun fact: I'm a Fortuna Düsseldorf fan but please don't tell anyone in our Cologne office.

CEO GEDANKENtanken Pictures GmbH

I'm responsible for the films for the company.

Fun Fact: I've known my CEO colleague from GT Pictures since the third grade. We are almost sandbox homies.

CEO GEDANKENtanken Pictures GmbH

"My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you've got to be a filmmaker." Robert Wise.

Fun Fact: Half Man - Half Amazing.

Strategic Advisor

What GT will be in two years, how we achieve our future goals and strategic projects are Claudio’s daily business. He loves to transform GT in a leading global company. He works closely with Alex to create & transform visions into achieved goals.

Fun fact: Nearly started his career as a kitesurf teacher.

Head of Marketing – Business Factory

The only way to develop business is to the upper right corner of the chart.

Fun Fact: It's not really funny, currently rather sad - I am a member of the VfB Stuttgart.

Head of Sales & Coaching

I am responsible for achieving our sales targets in the premium segment with enthusiastic customers. Therefore we coach our customers even before they invest so that they make the right decisions to achieve their personal goals. Either we fit together or we don't. It's that simple ;)

Fun Fact: I hate purple clay pigeons. Really! Ask my mother-in-law.

André 'Aki'
Head of Event Management

Aki is the man behind and besides the stage and since day one he has been managing all our events and the speaker agency as a GEDANKENtanken veteran. Our Jack of all trades knows the company inside out and keeps the team as a good-hearted person together.

Fun Fact: Loves dogs more than humans except they play for the 1. FC Köln.

Head of Marketing – Social

Strategic development of the social media team, responsible for all organic actions and content on our channel to expand the GEDANKENtanken community.

Fun Fact: Can sing Mozart's Queen of the Night. Not good, but by heart.

Head of Product Management – LIFE

I´m responsible for building the perfect LIFE product portfolio with my team. Our goal is to make our community even happier and more successful.

Fun Fact: I reach my nose with my tongue. And right now you also try it, right? :)

Head of Customer Happiness & Relationship

Responsible for Customer Happiness Team & Strategy.

Fun Fact: Excessive Nespresso Limited Edition collector.

Head of Marketing – LIFE

I'll path the way to spread our message in an on- and offline world. But also searching for even more fans of LIFE out there in the digital space and bringing them into our community.

Fun fact: fun fact or sad story? try to pronounce my last name in english... ;)

Senior BI Analyst

Turning data into actionable insights

Fun Fact: Loves classical music, photography and aviation.

Jessica 'Jingsi'
Event Manager

several jobs at once: Speaker scouting, handling& booking, event organisation, stage director, quality managment (editorial).

Fun Fact: I‘ve never eaten any burger in my whole lifetime so far ;)

Junior Marketing Manager

Making Eventmanagement digital again. Always interested in learning lots of new stuff and spreading happiness.

Fun Fact: Good food will calm him down in any situation - even when he has to cook it himself (that will make him even more happy).

Stefan 'Ove'
Success Coach

Former football pro, one of our coaching pro's nowadays. Ove will help you in all situations and as he's quite experienced and well connected within the company your success will be guaranteed.

Fun Fact: He's totally fond of the meals that his wife is cooking.

Success Coach

I advise and support our clients in order to promote and develop their professional potential.

Fun Fact: My last name is read backwards like a popular Turkish dish.

Sales Assistant/ Success Coach

Daniel is the rope puller behind the business coaches. With expertise, charm and an angelic patience, he awards the coveted appointments with the coaches to worthy candidates. Who comes past him, is already on the threshold to success! Daniel never gives less than 110% - and ALWAYS has an open ear and a helping hand for his colleagues. A real gold piece!

Fun Fact: Eats through every buffet and writes fantasy novels.

Customer Relationship Specialist

I develop people who want to realize their personal and professional goals and I'm helping them to optimally prepare for their future.

Fun Fact: I love all kinds of food.

Head of Product Management – Business Factory Premium

Julia is responsible for all Premium Products and Cooperations of the Business Factory. Together with her team she's creating and managing programs like THEKEY, Online Marketing Secrets, Masterclass Cologne and the 7X Positionierungs-Bootcamp – to help entrepreneurs getting more successful and be more visible with their business.

Fun Fact: You can recognize her laughter from a distance of 100m.

Art Director

I lead the design, production, and maintenance of marketing and corporate communications artwork in support of GT products and services with consistent branding strategy. Basically, I create digital experiences across multiple brands including websites and digital advertising. I love to juggle multiple projects simultaneously and help to drive the overall creative direction on GT.


I design everything from digital visual appearances to event merchandise – cross media and cross brand.

Fun fact: Where design meets a trained dietician – that's me in a nutshell.

Product Manager LIFE

I'm responsible for the conception of our LIFEproducts and the coordination with our LIFEcoaches to develop products that fit to the needs of our community members.

Fun Fact: I love to throw confetti, I'm passionate about elephants and I have always colorful nails.

Junior Product Manager

What Lena manages to do in her young years is incredible: She is responsible for large projects of the Business Factory, is always there when someone needs support and emits a calming attitude and competence. In the Masterclass Cologne she holds all the threads together and always brings a good mood to the office and seminars.

Preferences: Cologne and good food

Content - and Community Manager

I develop creative editorial content for the individual channels of the LIFE brand and maintain communication with the community on all social media channels as well as via the newsletter.

Fun Fact: I can't blink well, but I can wiggle my ears.

Online Marketing Manager

If it's online and for LIFE, its mine! Doesn't care if SEM, E-Mail Marketing or CRO!

Fun Fact: I LOVE HAPPY SOCKS (actually I only got happy socks, bad for funerals :) )

Online Marketing Manager

Responsible for affiliate marketing and new lead magnets.

Fun Fact: Red traffic lights cost a lifetime. Extrapolated, every human being waits about two weeks of his life at traffic lights.

Junior Online Marketing Manager

Funnelbuilding, Leadgen, Conversion optimization.

Fun Fact: Addicted to tortellini with calabrese pesto from Barilla.

Senior Online Marketing Manager

I plan and build online sales funnels especially to sell online-courses and online continuity programs.

Fun Fact: I am a human neurobiologist and a productivity geek :). 

Head of Marketing Business Factory Premium

Architecting and executing launches & conversion funnels that reduces initial customer acquisition costs, while simultaneously increasing both immediate and lifetime customer values.

Fun Fact: He absolutely doesn't like parsley!

Junior Copywriter

I'm writing and i'm writing and i'm writing.

Fun Fact: I do martial arts and just eat salad.

Junior Developer

Marcel is a lifesaver, hacker and firefighter all in one. If something doesn't work technically here, he is immediately on the spot and always has an answer for everything. And if the answer is not enough, then he fixtures it casually with two keystrokes. This is not the only reason why Marcel is so popular - he is also simply a good-hearted person.
Preferences: Running and Skyr-Yoghurt.

Content Marketing Manager

I am responsible for editorial planning, content management, newsletter and social media support for product and event launches.

Fun Fact: Words that I pronounce all the same: Launch, Loge, Lounge.

Social Media Expert

Julija has been working intensively with social media since she was 15 years old - and is now an absolute expert in this field.

Fun Fact: Food is one of my strongest motivations in life.

Customer Relationship Specialist

In order to make our customers happy, Anna has an open heart and a quick solution for any kind of problem.

Fun Fact: Loves to send voice messages which are far too long.

Senior Manager Accounting

responsible for accounts receivable, accounting reports and automatization

Fun Fact: Passionate team member of finance without accounting characteristics according to personality analysis.


Branko's world is the effective linguistic design of texts. As an ambitious copywriter, he is primarily responsible for the texts of the Business Factory.

Fun Fact: The young word artist is still very old-fashioned and writes his texts with paper and pencil. The result: constant chaos at his desk.

Product Manager LIFE

I`m a passionate Product Manager and I'm really keen on developing new products for our LIFE Community. It is a great pleasure for me to help people live a happy and successful life.

Fun Fact: Loves puns and bad jokes!

Success Coach

Björn is a coach with heart and soul. With his knowledge he helps people to unleash their full potential so that they achieve the maximum possible success. At his side you can be sure that he always gives 100% for your success and goes individual ways together with you. Preferences: Crossfit & his daughter Ella.

Fun Fact: Loves Buttermilch & Protein Shakes.

Dennis O.
Senior Online Marketing Manager - Paid Channels

Planning, implementation and evaluation of performance / traffic campaigns on all relevant platforms.

Fun Fact: 20% of people read texts on a webpage, but 80% of people will watch a video. So if you’re reading this, you’re in the minority.

Junior Event Manager

Lea gets everything done in no time and it seems that nothing is impossible for her. We love her maintaining authentic smile, her ability of recognizing solution contexts and communicating her clear focus with other teammates. By the way: There's no one around here who can compete with her athletic endurance.

Fun Fact: Stracciatella ice cream is her life!

Customer Happiness Specialist

Miriam is the calm pole of the Customer Happiness Team and our good soul. The cordial, empathetic listener will ALWAYS have an open ear for everyone.
Fun fact: Enthusiasts village party lover.

Online Marketing Manager

Tim is responsible for the Business Factory as an online marketer, where he convinces through his attention to detail and his strategic skills.

Fun Fact: In his spare time he loves to go traveling, photography, recreational fishing, and endurance go-kart racing.

Office Manager

Jack of all trades – Don‘t worry, we will make it!

Senior Manager Accounting

Responsible for accounts payable, the implementation of new processes, and for legal issues

Fun Fact: 7 feet monster.

HR Manager

Buiding stable and sustainable HR processes to ensure the best support for our growing team.

Fun fact: All joking aside, I regulary walk around with alpacas. 


With creativity, empathy and marketing skills I write all kinds of texts that are needed for our products or events.

Fun fact: Playing the guitar and singing along is my most favorite activity – right after eating delicious food.

Senior Marketing Manager – CRM

Analyze and optimize the interactions with our costumers.

Fun fact: work hard play dart.

Success Coach

Desirée helps our clients to find what they need to grow and to live a successful and fulfilled life.

Fun fact: Loves Unicorns & Pizza.

Success Coach

I´ll help you make your dreams come true so you can systematically and confidently create an adventurous legacy and I won´t leave you on your own until you´re successful.

Fun fact: He not only listens to german rap music but also loves his favorite movies “Alice in wonderland I + II”.

Software Engineer

Making people's lives better with building helpful and inspiring software.

Fun fact: I <3 minimalism! This gives me space to focus on all the things that really matters to me.

Customer Happiness Expert

Make the customer even more happy by improving the service processes.

Fun fact: Did weightlifting for a while.

Customer Happiness Expert

Responsible for making our customers as happy as possible .

Fun fact: Watched way too much crime documentaries and therefore always takes a look under her bed before going to sleep because she thinks a serial killer could be hiding there.

Customer Relationship Specialist

I help our customers to build a successful online marketing funnel.

Fun fact: My name is Magnus Bruder but I'm not Magnus Bruder. (Bruder means brother in german)

Head of DevOps & Office-IT

The western tradition counts seven virtues: Faith, love, hope, wisdom, justice, bravery and moderation. These I live and integrate in our community, in order to achieve the set goals in a sustainable and responsible way.

Fun fact: I live my goals, always.  And never give up trying to achieve those goals. No matter what obstacles come my way. There's always a solution I just have to find. That's the life of a leprechaun, me.

Senior Copywriter

You read our newsletter, visit our events or have already been on our festival homepage? If yes: Great! Then you have probably already seen one of my texts. If not: No problem. Then you'll soon get one of my ads displayed on Facebook ;)

Fun fact: Always wearing black socks & can’t live without her Blistex.

IT Engineer

I take care of almost all IT-related issues. Can´t login? No network connection? Need new hardware? Confused with what your laptop is doing? This looks like a job for me! But don´t bother coming to my desk, I´m almost never there. My step-count at GEDANKENtanken is definitely over 9000!

Fun fact: Sometimes I loose count of how many guitars I own. I could play them for 10 hours straight and not get bored.

Content Writer

Clear, caring, confident, charming, cool - that's what she stands for. And those you can find in Ellen articles in our LIFE Club Magazine. Because she not only identifies with her job: Ellen lives her job. You can read and feel it in every line.

Fun fact: I live my dream of white: I love white clothes, white walls, white interieur... And yes, it is possible with three children. You only need good stuff like a wipe robot, two vacuum cleaner and goooooood nerves!

Video Editor

Editing videos for GEDANKENtanken Pictures.

Fun fact: Challenges like "no chocolate for five years" are a piece of cake for me ;)

Director Events

I run the event department - creating and executing the festival and the new faces nights - together with a great team. Also my department takes care of partnerships and sponsoring and handles the speakers you get to see on stage.

Fun fact: Love places where there is no wifi - so people can not google the conversation and find out what's real and whats overexcitement...

Head of BFO

Michael pushes our Vision forward to provide an affordable online education for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and those who want to become one.

Fun fact: Born in the city whose name must not be mentioned (at least that was what the registrar at my wedding said).

Online Marketing Manager - Paid Channels

Planning, implementation and optimazitaion of our paid traffic channels

Fun fact: 55% of Google users cannot distinguish an ad from the organic results


Trying to understand the computers even if I already speak some languages they should now.

Fun fact: Loves the silence.

Head of Facility Management

Mila is part of the facility team at GEDANKENtanken and is responsible for reception, security, food recycling, trash can control and stroking. She was educated by us for many years and has meanwhile taken over the management of these work areas.

Preferences: Farting, barking and eating.







Le coolste Team

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Bewirb dich und sei dabei!

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